Developer Documentation

Unleash the power of advanced networks through network-aware applications built on Shabodi's Network-Aware Application Enablement Platform.

Shabodi NA-AEP API Guide

Download comprehensive instructions and best practices for integrating with Shabodi NA-AEP’s APIs

API Reference Guide

Download the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) compliant API reference YAML document. 

Access the quick start guide and code snippets

Comprehensive documentation and code snippets to kickstart Your application development on Shabodi’s NA-AEP platform.

Shabodi NA-AEP User Guide

Download the user guide to get started with Shabodi’s NA-AEP.

Shabodi Sandbox

Join the Shabodi developer community and apply for the Shabodi Sandbox to get started with Shabodi NA-AEP.

Join the Shabodi Network-Aware Application dev community today !

1. Apply to become a member of Shabodi's developer community and use our APIs in Shabodi’s NA-AEP developer sandbox

2. Access Shabodi’s developer documentation and quick starts to learn more about network APIs and how to use them in your applications

3. Learn more about Shabodi’s sandbox by downloading the sandbox overview

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