Network APIs: A New Use-Case Category for Private Wireless

In today’s technology landscape, programmable networks and Network APIs have become essential for delivering business-critical application performance over private wireless networks. Network APIs bring network awareness to applications. By understanding the benefits of network APIs, enterprises can achieve better application performance and enable new use cases.

Learn more in the latest comprehensive, independent research and analysis report by Dean Bubley from Disruptive Analysis, commissioned by Shabodi. Outlining various new use-case scenarios in which an enterprise could exploit the use of network APIs to deliver enhanced application outcomes:

  • Multi-tenant private networks : How Network APIs can bring coordination between multiple “tenants” using a single network.
  • Priority users / clients: Using Network APIs to give priority over some users or clients over others.
  • Contended backhaul: Addressing the bottleneck in the network backhaul caused by a single device being used by multiple applications with different characteristics.
  • Situational priority: Learn how Network APIs can control and address the dynamic nature of application requests for network and other shared network resources.

Unlock these insights and more by downloading our detailed report, crafted by industry experts at Disruptive Analysis. Fill out the form to gain immediate access.

Download the thought leadership paper on Network APIs


The importance of network APIs


A new way to think about the use-case categories for private wireless networks


Uncooperative Applications and Users


Scenarios and examples


Network-aware application Benefits

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Network APIs: A New Use-Case Category for Private Wireless

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