Shabodi Industry Solutions

Shabodi’s Network-Aware AEP efficiently empowers diverse use cases for multiple industries. We have recently made an impact in Manufacturing, Ports & Logistics and Mining.

Transforms Advanced Network Utilization Across Industries

Shabodi’s Network-Aware AEP enables industrial application developers to create “Network-Aware Applications.” These applications can utilize the advanced programmable networks–3GPP-based fixed, wireless, and other access mechanisms, including 802.11ax and satellite.


Industry 4.0 is the most recent industrial revolution, taking physical facilities into the digital realm. With a market projected to shoot up to US $337 billion by 2028, advanced private networks across LTE, 5G, 6G, WiFi 6, and beyond will deliver a new era of flexible, safe, and highly productive manufacturing.

Shabodi supports manufacturers, and their application developers, through its “Network-Aware” platform that seamlessly handles all the advanced network coding requirements. All that is left for your developers to do is to develop and implement intelligent applications for improved manufacturing flexibility and increased productivity and profitability.


Mining is a US $500 billion industry. 86% of mining companies plan to invest in wireless infrastructure and advanced programmable networks like LTE, 5G, and WiFi 6, over the next 18 months. These advanced networks offer mining operations higher operational efficiency with deterministic path and safety, automation, and high-end communication systems.

Drones operating on a private 5G network can improve mining operations by providing various benefits and efficiencies. Drones offer real-time surveillance with a near 4K video, security, Aerial surveys and mapping, stock pile monitoring and detailed images for measuring an area of tailings and other data for mining.

With Shabodi’s Network-Aware AEP, drone application developers can create, and mining companies can utilize “Network-Aware Applications” to generate significantly higher productivity, improved safety, enhanced efficiency, lower operational costs, and increased ROI on their private network deployments. Network-Aware Applications enabling effective and efficient advanced network deployment will lead to substantial monetization opportunities for the private mobile network operators.

Public Sector

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) recognized the strategic importance of advanced networks like 5G/Wi-Fi 6 in modernizing military communication and enhancing battlefield capabilities. One of the primary objectives was to harness the potential of 5G to support real-time data transmission, facilitate seamless connectivity between soldiers and military assets, and enable advanced applications like autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, and edge computing on the battlefield. DoD is making continuous efforts to ensure that the U.S. military remains at the forefront of 5G innovation, adapting to emerging advancements and integrating 5G networks to enhance the overall effectiveness and readiness of the armed forces.

Ports / Logistics /Warehousing

With over 1.85 billion metric tons of cargo shipped globally in 2020, the global freight demand is expected to triple by 2050, and “smart ports” forecasted to grow 22.7% between 2020 and 2027.

Port applications built using Shabodi’s Network-Aware AEP allow the port operators to achieve real-time and precise telematics, adjust operational security through deterministic packet flow and inspection, and network QoS manipulation capabilities. Leveraging the full power of private advanced networks and network-aware applications, ports can efficiently manage tens of thousands of IoT sensors, cameras, containers, trucks, and ships. This will eventually result in increased throughput for port operators.

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