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Step into a future where your applications are not confined to specific platforms or networks. Shabodi’s Network-Aware Application Enablement Platform (AEP) lets you build once and deploy across all platforms and networks, enhancing developer productivity and significantly reducing application maintenance costs.

Accelerate time-to-market

With Shabodi, you can bring differentiated products to the market faster than ever before, addressing real-world business problems efficiently.

By reducing development time, you enhance your ability to meet evolving market demands and customer needs.

Swiftly build and deploy applications

Shabodi's Network-Aware AEP empowers you to rapidly build and deploy applications across diverse advanced network infrastructure.

You achieve the flexibility and efficiency you need to stay competitive in the fast-paced application market.

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Unlock a new era of elevated application development for the advanced network world.

Boost developer productivity

Shabodi simplifies the application development lifecycle. Our platform eliminates the need for developers to learn Network Equipment Provider (NEP) specific APIs.

This frees them to focus on creating innovative, high-quality applications.

Minimize application maintenance costs

Shabodi manages NEP software releases and updates, reducing the complexity of your application maintenance process.

This allows you to significantly cut down on maintenance costs and focus resources on growth and innovation.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What standards guidance should we review and leverage? 

We simplify the building of Network-Aware Applications by abstracting the complexities of an advanced network so that you do not need to review any of the telecommunications or advanced networking standards.

How do you support legacy equipment? 

In the case of non-3GPP endpoints i.e. IoT sensors, IP based cameras, etc., our platform can interface to those devices using a standard CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) bridge, enabling network-aware applications to work with legacy equipment.

Is Shabodi's Network-Aware AEP only for 5G networks? 

Shabodi’s Network-Aware AEP supports a full range of advanced wireless networking technologies including but not limited to 3GPP Networking, 4G LTE/5G/6G, and non-3GPP such as WiFi6/6E and 7.  

What is the benefit of your solution and pains do you address? 

We understand that for developing network-aware applications, it is unrealistic to expect developers to learn the highly complex networking technologies. We abstract the network model from an application centric model, allowing developers to integrate with the network using simple APIs that they are already familiar with. This leads to quicker development time and faster GTM (Go to Market) with their applications.

What NEP’s and partners do you currently have today?

We are partnered with Industry leaders and NEPs (Network Equipment Providers) in the Commercial Advanced Network space. Please reach out to us to find out more. 

Do you offer educational training?

Yes, we offer comprehensive integration training with our platform 

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