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It’s time to revolutionize how you monetize your mobile network offerings for unprecedented gains in the age of advanced networks. Our Network-Aware Application Enablement Platform (AEP) allows you to develop distinctive offerings for every industry vertical and opens the door to new revenue streams through Network-Aware Applications.

Craft unique enterprise offerings

With Shabodi, you can expose a wide variety of network-aware service APIs to enterprises.

This enhances your ability to cater to increasing automation use cases, offering more value to your customers, and driving the future of mobile network operations.

Network-Awareness-as-a-Service (NaaS)

Shabodi equips you with the tools to create tailored offerings for every industry vertical based on distinct needs such as bandwidth, security, latency, and mission-critical applications.

These differentiated offerings enhance your market position and pave the way for diversified revenue streams.

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Unlock new revenue streams

The power of Shabodi's Network-Aware AEP allows you to venture beyond traditional monetization models by offering capabilities to run Network-Aware Applications.

This flexibility expands your service portfolio and opens the door to untapped revenue opportunities.

Onboard developers swiftly

Shabodi's common API framework enables you to onboard third-party developers quickly and efficiently.

By lowering barriers to entry, you can foster a dynamic developer ecosystem, driving innovation and strengthening your competitive advantage.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does your platform work with multivendor networks?

Yes!  Our platform supports integration with many of the LTE/5G Cores, Wi-Fi 6, O-RAN, Hyperscalers and RAN vendors that are available on the market today.  Thus, making any Network-Aware Application built on AEP portable to any other network with a different network vendor configuration.

Do you offer an SDK or developmental kit? 

We offer training on our Network-Aware AEP and provide some sample applications that you can reference when building your own network-aware applications.  Also, if required we can onboard one of our many application vendors to meet your application requirements.

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