Maximize 5G investment in Public Sector

With Network-Aware Applications

Shabodi’s Network-Aware AEP can provide service level assurance and security for several mission-critical use cases in DoD’s private 5G/Wi-Fi 6 deployments. Some examples of use cases that are applicable in Defense/Public Sector area are:

  • Augmented reality applications help in military training, simulations, and mission planning. High-speed, low latency 5G networks with guaranteed services such as bandwidth and latency are crucial for delivering real-time, immersive experiences.
  • Secure applications interaction with the network on the private 5G infrastructure to counter potential cyber threats targeting 5G networks.
  • Service assurance, such as Quality of Demand (QoD) for military assets, such as unmanned vehicles, sensors, and surveillance systems. These use cases improve situational awareness and decision-making on the battlefield. 
  • Emergency medical care is critical to ensuring the survival and well-being of military personnel. Additionally, emergencies occurring in remote areas with limited medical experts pose a significant challenge in providing timely and adequate medical assistance. First responders, whether helping military or civilians, must be better equipped to save lives in emergencies. This becomes possible with 5G connectivity. However, even with 5G speed and reliability, network issues like congestion and traffic overload impacts communication between first responders and remote medical experts. Lack of application and network interaction results in suboptimal network conditions in the Core or RAN, reducing the effectiveness of remote medical assistance. Shabodi Network-Aware AEP demonstrated such a use case in partnership with BAH.

  • Check out the blog and video here.