Shabodi's Network Aware AEP Solution for Enterprises

Unlocking the Power of 5G-Driven Computer Vision with Shabodi and Intel OpenVINO

Advanced networks like 5G technology is expected to become a pivotal driver of enterprises’ digital transformation. Private 5G networks are emerging as a prominent choice, driven by the dynamic evolution of the 5G landscape. Deploying 5G private networks often entails significant time and resources to design, procure, and integrate various vendor components. Despite considerable investments from service and equipment providers, enterprises remain cautious about realizing industry-specific use cases with 5G.

To thrive in this evolving landscape, enterprises need to adapt quickly, developing applications that leverage the full potential of 5G. However, this requires new skill sets and agility in development. Moreover, ensuring interoperability among different carriers and equipment providers is crucial.

Enter Shabodi, offering a solution to unlock the power of 5G and other advanced networks. Shabodi’s Network-Aware Application Enablement Platform (AEP) acts as a virtual network appliance, granting developers access to network capabilities and facilitating end-to-end orchestration in a diverse environment. Applications developed through Shabodi are inherently “network aware,” driving maximum return on investment for 5G initiatives.

Partnering with Shabodi enables enterprises to accelerate their adoption of private 5G and other advanced networks to be at the forefront of deploying 5G solutions that go beyond connectivity.  

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The key benefits of Shabodi's Network-Aware Application Enablement Platform (AEP).


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Shabodi's Network Aware AEP Solution for Enterprises

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