Shabodi's Network-Aware AEP: Revolutionizing 5G Monetization​

In the telecom world, 5G is a big deal. A recent survey conducted by Jabil reveals that many decision-makers in telecom companies, about 31%, view business models as the foremost challenge when it comes to 5G services. 

This insight underscores the complexity and dynamic nature of monetizing 5G, and the ever-changing landscape operators must navigate. By taking a holistic approach to monetization, operators can unlock the full potential of 5G and create sustainable value for their partners/businesses and customers.

Operators can tackle the monetization challenge by leveraging Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). APIs are vital tools that help operators extract value from their investments in 5G networks. Shabodi offers a purpose-built platform, its Network-Aware Application Enablement Platform (AEP), that empowers Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to monetize their 5G investments. Through Shabodi’s AEP, operators can harness advanced network APIs across diverse industries.

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How to CSP’s can monetize network resources


Shabodi Network-Aware AEP Value Proposition


Detailed view of Shabodi's Monetization use-case with Network APIs

Download the solution brief on how Shabodi and VMware by Broadcom help in CSP/MNO monetization

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