Addressing The 5G Gap

5G is not the silver bullet you think it is. Maximizing its benefits requires more than setting up that private 5G network.

Over the last few years, a vast majority of businesses of all sizes have been evaluating their unique 5G use cases. These from Fortune 500s to medium sized companies with global aspirations.

But many are also starting to see that investing in that private 5G network in their manufacturing plant, mine, refinery or office is simply not enough. Enterprises also need next-generation, 5G-ready applications to maximize their 5G ROI.

And this is where 5G customers run into problems.

Many CXOs continue to rely on consulting and system integration majors to help them build and execute their 5G roadmaps. But the developers in these consulting firms and system integrators have the same skill gap that customer organizations do. They do not have the network understanding, knowledge and capabilities required to build applications that leverage the full benefits of 5G’s ultra-high bandwidth, low latency, and high connectivity and reliability.

5G-ready applications must be built or refactored to be network-aware, utilize network exposure capabilities and the open ecosystem of 5G elements – RAN, Edge, Core.

And that just puts the spanners in the works.

How can industrial and other sectors like manufacturing, public sector, transportation, healthcare, ports & logistics, sports, media & entertainment, energy, financial services, mining, gaming achieve 5G benefits?

Carriers' challenges in the 5G era can be quickly addressed by :

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Real-world 5G implementation challenges for industrial and enterprise customers


Solutions to build network-aware applications that tailor and leverage 5G capabilities instead of relying auto-pilot on pre-configured network setups


How trivialized application domain APIs bridge the developer community skill gap and prepare them for the 5G and beyond world


And finally, what you need to maximize your 5G ROI

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Addressing The 5G Gap

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