Shabodi Solution Interworking with Carriers

Carriers’ next big challenge in the age of 5G and beyond: Equipping customers to make the most of advanced network investments. Learn how Restful APIs can help.

5G is a game changer for customers as much as carriers. By design, 5G’s benefits, as well as implementation, promise to be dramatically different from previous network evolutions through 1G to 4G. 

Unlike previous generations, 5G’s ultra-high bandwidth, low latency, and high connectivity and reliability will not just expand multimedia communication services. Instead, 5G will address an exhaustive range of industry needs through Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication enablements. 

5G supports applications’ ability to request status updates or request services from the network. But to do this, applications need to be network-aware and stop treating the network as just connectivity infrastructure. 

Achieving 5G benefits requires carriers to be better equipped. The first demand that 5G evolution puts on carriers is to enable network-aware applications so customers can maximize their 5G investment.

Carriers' challenges in the 5G era can be quickly addressed by :

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Expose network capabilities to application developers


Empower developers to build network-aware applications


Acquire the ability to generate consumer and enterprise applications quickly

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Shabodi Solution Interworking with Carriers

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